Posted on Apr 26, 2019

So-Cal Ponds, Inc.

It’s spring, can I start feeding my fish again? They look hungry!
When the temperatures lowered this fall and winter, your fish’s metabolism did as well. You began to lessen the amount that you fed them. You switched over to a wheat germ fish food. Then you stopped feeding them while the temperatures were very low. You did great! For those colder months your fish rested in an almost hibernation type of state. Fasting and living off the fat stores in their body. You knew they did not need food, and you knew feeding them when they’re in this state can make them very sick and hurt your water quality.

But it’s starting to warm up again. You may be wondering, “When can I start feeding my fish again?”

You’ll notice your fish more actively swimming around your pond. Maybe nipping at your newly budding aquatic plants. Or even getting to the surface of your pond more often giving you hungry eyes! These zealous actions are usually a telltale sign that your fish are ready to resume a regular diet again.

Although your fish may look ready to eat, it’s very important to confirm your water’s temperature is above 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remember to do the following before beginning to regularly feed your fish:
Monitor Your Pond’s Temperature
Start Feeding with a Wheat Germ Formula
Be Careful Not to Overfeed
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